The Kinky Wizzards are one of the most audacious, exciting and fun instrumental rock jazz bands to have exploded in the music scene. The Welsh trio, comprising of bassist Mathew ‘Miffy’ Griffiths, drummer Jonathan ‘Jiffy’ Griffiths and guitarist Ryan Elliott offer an unforgettable pyrotechnical kinky display of musical wizardry where you can expect anything from flying drum sticks to slapped bass to indulgent yet infectious guitar solos, all packaged in ludicrous song titles such as ‘Door Dancing Penny Collector’ and ‘Stomp Foot Syndrome’.

Since releasing their debut album ‘Tasting Toadstools’ of predominantly bass and drums, the band has sold records worldwide and has already garnered a solid reputation, having played the London drum show to an audience including Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason, been featured on DrumTalk TV and opened for Frank Zappa’s band members, The Mothers of Invention. The band has also endorsed and demoed gear for worldwide manufacturers Mapex and Seymour Duncan.

The band released their sophomore record ‘Quirky Musings’ in March of 2017, introducing Elliott’s writing to the catalogue. The record has sold internationally and has been praised by fans and critics alike for the instrumental prowess on display from the trio, as well the playful interplay, grooviness and sense of fun. All of which is showcased in their live performances.

The band have spent the summer of 2019, working on the follow up to their new album, which can be expected in early 2020. 

The Kinky Wizzards are three extremely dedicated musicians who set out to push musical boundaries whilst always holding their notorious sense of humorous wit that will thrill any lover of instrumental music.


The Kinky Wizzards, outside the studio, July 2019.

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